Vintage fiber pack with corespun mohair yarn, handspun mohair yarn, merino wool yarn, and sari silk ribbon.
Closeup view of natural white corespun mohair, gray lockspun handspun mohair yarn, sari silk ribbon, and gray merino wool yarn.
Handspun lockspun mohair chunky texture yarn, white corespun mohair yarn, merino wool gray single ply yarn, sari silk ribbon
Closeup view of gray single ply chunky merino wool yarn, natural white corespun mohair yarn, gray lockspun handspun thick and thin yarn, and sari silk ribbon cake in salt water taffy shades.

Vintage Fiber Pack

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The timeless hues of the Vintage Fiber Pack are subtle and gentle. They compliment and blend seamlessly with a wide range of colors. Vintage colors are popular in the textile world and adaptable to any fiber arts medium.

The Vintage Fiber Pack features our natural white corespun yarn and barnacle gray lockspun yarn. Our natural white corespun is from our white angora goats. It is not a bleached white, but rather a natural, organic white. Our corespun yarn is created at a family fiber mill in Washington.

Our lockspun yarn is created right here at the ranch. We shear our own goats and keep back a portion of mohair locks just for handspinning. Our barnacle gray lockspun was named by the wife of the WooLee Winder guy. She saw our booth at Black Sheep Gathering and bought a whole skein of gray lockspun for the barnacles on her mermaid costume. The name stuck and we now call that color barnacle gray.

We strive to keep our goats healthy and happy. Happy goats make happy mohair. Mohair has been prized and coveted for millennia. What makes it so special? It has a luster that is incomparable. It does not have barbs like wool making it super soft and silky. It is incredibly strong and yet so fine. Mohair comes in white and a wide array of natural colors. The natural colors have their own highlights and lowlights that can not be duplicated by dying. However, mohair does take dye very well making for intense and rich colors.

We have paired our mohair yarns with sari silk ribbon and merino wool. Our sari silk ribbon is from the recycled sari silk industry in India. We love how sari silk is dyed and turned into ribbons through rural co-operatives. Rural co-ops provide opportunities for villagers to earn a living wage along with improving living conditions in the village.

Merino wool is the gold standard wool for tapestry weaving and other fiber arts. Merino wool is springy and super soft. It has a beautiful sheen that no other wool can compare to. 

Mohair and wool are really the perfect pair! Our fiber kits bring the best of both worlds together!!

This pack contains:

• White corespun mohair yarn - 5 yards

• Barnacle Gray lockspun mohair yarn - 3 yards

• Pewter chunky merino wool yarn skein - 71 yards

• Salt Water Taffy sari silk ribbon cake - 15 yards

Total weight: 7.6 ounces (approximate as these fiber packs are hand curated)

Due to the differences in monitors, color shades may vary.

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