Mohair Roving Natural Black
Mohair Roving Natural Black
Mohair Roving Natural Black

Mohair Roving Natural Black

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Luxurious, silky soft, lustrous natural colored kid mohair. There is nothing softer on the planet! Black this dark is a rare and premium color. Spin it for beautiful mohair yarn, or blend with your other favorite fibers.

Naturally colored mohair is American mohair. It is not imported and it is not grown on large, commercial ranches. Naturally colored mohair is raised on small, family farms across America. Our mohair is raised right here at Red Falcon Ranch in north Idaho. Black usually fades to gray. We have been selectively breeding for non-fading black for a number of years. Our goal is to produce naturally dark colored mohair that does not fade. Naturally colored mohair is eco-friendly and sustainable. And, you can be certain that our mohair comes from goats that have been well loved and cared for.

Mohair comes from the angora goat, not to be confused with angora wool which comes from angora rabbits. Mohair is in a class by itself. It is the fiber of royalty and has been highly coveted for millennia. 

Mohair has unique natural properties. It is a smooth fiber and does not have the scales found on wool. Mohair is stronger than steel of the same diameter plus it has the ability to stretch up to 30%. This strength makes for durable and long lasting products. Mohair keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Mohair resists wrinkles and odors.  It is the perfect sustainable natural fiber.

Mohair roving is ideal for handspinning, blending with wool, making batts and rolags, tapestry, dyeing, embellishing needle felting, crafting, and so much more!

This roving is undyed and in its pure, natural color.

1 ounce = 13 yards of roving

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