Merino Wool Top (5 varieties)

Merino Wool Top (5 varieties)

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History tells us that the Merino sheep dates back to early 12th century Spain. The wealth of Spain was built on merino wool during the 15th and 16th century. Prior to the 18th century, exporting a merino sheep to another country was punishable by death. It is the incredible softness and fineness of merino that has made it the king of wool. The merino sheep is also credited for developing other sheep breeds including the Rambuoillet, Corriedale, Polworth, Targhee, and Columbia to name a few.

Mulesing is the practice of removing strips of skin around the buttocks on merino lambs. The goal is to reduce the amount of wool that holds urine and feces. Removing helps prevent fly infestation called flystrike. However, it is a barbaric practice. Our merino wool comes from mulesing free herds in South America and Cape South Africa.

Available by the ounce.

21 micron white
23 micron organic
23 micron superwash
23 micron gray
24 micron brown

Grown in South America and Cape South Africa.

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