Sari Silk Roving Fiesta
Sari Silk Roving Fiesta

Sari Silk Roving Fiesta

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Sari silk roving is created from the thread remnants of sari silk fabric production. For the fiber artist, sari silk roving presents an endless opportunity to be creative. It can be spun, blended with other fibers into batts and rolags, used for jewelry, nuno felted, add texture and character to felting projects, and any project you can imagine!

Here at the ranch studio, we add sari silk roving into our handcarded batts for a pop of color and texture. But really, there is so much to do with this creative add-in!

Fiesta is mostly fuchsia with hints of gold, green, and blue.

All sari silk products are cold wash only.

Available in ½ ounce and 1 ounce quantities.

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