Bump of 50 yards mohair corespun yarn in charcoal gray
Closeup of charcoal gray 50 yard bump of corespun mohair yarn
Basket of mohair corespun yarn bumps in natural colors of white, brown, and gray

Charcoal Gray Corespun Yarn Bump

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Our Charcoal Gray corespun mohair yarn is 100% mohair beautifully spun around a cotton core. It is a natural colored yarn. Natural colors are not flat. They have a life of their own reflected in the natural hues and tones.

Charcoal Gray comes from our dark gray and solid black angora goats. It is a mixture of all shades of dark gray and black. It is not a solid gray. Rather, it gently and discreetly shifts between all the dark gray and black tones.

Common uses: rug weaving, making braided rugs and stiff baskets, tapestry weaving, and any project requiring a bulky yarn.

Yarn Details:

Bump length = 50 yards
Bump weight = 1# to 1# 4 oz, 454 grams to 567 grams
WPI = 4 (5 if beat really tight)
Yarn weight = 6 Super Bulky

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