Our story begins...

Our story begins on a family ranch in a quiet and beautiful mountain valley. The sun rises and sets each day on a delightful herd of white and colored angora goats. Each goat is tenderly and carefully cared for. Each goat is named.  A happy goat produces happy mohair! 

Red Falcon Ranch is the name of our home. Goat & Shepherd Mohair is the name of our mohair products. Goat & Shepherd represents the relationship between us and our goats. It is a relationship built on trust and love — a harmonious relationship that produces our exquisite mohair!

We have white goats and natural colored goats. The colored goats range from the lightest of red to a deep and dark red, from the lightest mocha brown to a rich and warm brown, from the lightest gray to a shimmery blue silver to a radiant black.  

Our goats are sheared twice a year by us.  This allows us to take our time. We work with each goat according to personality to keep it stress free, much like when your dog goes to the groomer. As the locks fall off the goat, they are carefully gathered so that the most pristine locks are used in our products.

One of the questions we get asked is, "what happens to the boy goats" and "what happens to the old goats". We do not eat our goats nor do we sell them for food. Not every buck kid born is sire quality. We wether (neuter) our buck kids at around six months old so that their urinary tract has sufficient time to grow and support them for a long life. Our wethers are then sold as fiber producing pets. They are purchased by handspinners who want to use their own mohair for making yarn.

Old bucks and does go into retirement and live out their lives here.  Goats have a dog-like personality and about the same life span. When they get old, they get extra special care to maintain a good quality of life.

Our ranch is a family ranch where everyone pitches in — from mucking out the barn, to shearing, to handspinning and weaving, to keeping the fences and barns in tip-top shape. Buying from Goat & Shepherd insures that you are not only keeping the family farm alive and well, but also insures that your products are American made and ethically produced. 

We hope that you find joy in our products!  If you are ever in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, please know that you are welcome to visit.