Hiking socks in both crew and boot length gray wool mohair with three pomegranate red stripes around the top
Close up of three pomegranate red stripes around the top of gray wool mohair hiking socks
Folded pair of gray wool mohair socks in both crew and boot length with pomegranate red stripes around top
Gray mohair wool hiking socks in both crew and boot length showing three stripes around the top available in pomegranate red, plum purple, charcoal gray, cobalt blue, wood moss green
Five pairs of boot and crew length gray wool mohair hiking socks showing the different stripe color around the top: charcoal gray, cobalt blue, plum, pomegranate red, and wood moss green
Gray wool mohair watch hat with pomegranate red ribbing and gray wool mohair hiking socks with three pomegranate red stripes along top of socks

Hiking Socks - Pomegranate Red

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Whether hiking in the heat of summer or working in the dead of winter, our socks have your feet covered! If you prefer to sit near the fire on a cold winter's day, our socks will keep your feet warm and cozy!

Our hiking socks are a blend of wool and mohair. In fact, our socks have the most mohair available in a sock at 56% mohair!

Mohair is the strongest and most durable of the natural fibers. It has superior wicking and insulating qualities — so when your feet get too hot, the wicking action pulls moisture away to keep your feet dry. Mohair keeps feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Mohair is naturally soft and silky and is considered a luxury fiber. Wool is the work horse of natural fibers. Together, mohair and wool are the best of both worlds! A mohair wool sock is comfortable with no "itch" factor. It is a sock that will hold up under the most demanding conditions.

Each pair of socks is gray with colored stripes at the top.

Our hiking socks come in boot length and crew length. 

Color: Gray socks with Pomegranate Red stripes

Length: Choose Crew or Boot in the drop down menu.

Size based on shoe size: 

M:   W 7½ - 10
       M 6 - 8½

L:    W 10½ - 13
        M 9 - 11½

XL:  M 12-14

Care: Gently hand wash in cold water with a touch of laundry soap, rinse, roll up in towel to remove excess water, and lay flat to dry.


56% mohair (American Mohair from our ranch - Red Falcon Ranch)
32% nylon (added for stretch)

10% wool (American Wool from Brown Sheep Company)
2% elastic (added to keep your socks up)

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